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The Big Blue (Grand bleu, Le) (1988) / Directed by Luc BESSON
Is taken film very beautifully, personnel of blue abyss attract and beckon, is some inexplicable light anxiety, that also it is not amazing - indeed picture removed Luc Besson. For Jacques Mayol (Jean-Marc Barr) and Enzo Molinari (Jean Reno) blue abyss is better than life on the earth. They will frequently force you to smile at the same time the bright extraction of characters, charm Ren and Barr, attention to the details and humor in the supply of the way of life of sitsiliytsev.
Time of the Gypsies (Dom za vesanje) (1988) / Directed by Emir KUSTURICA
That honored prize for the direction in Kann, the film is the unconditional masterpiece of cinema, about all merits of which in the volume of annotation cannot be described.
The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) / Directed by Henry Selick, Producer Tim Burton
The remarkable musical cartoon of horrors tells about the reign of Halloween, reign it is insurance and the nightmares, where live corpses, urodtsy, monster headed by the master of horrors by Jack Skellington. Under Christmas Jack Skellington randomly falls into the peace of living people, where it learns, that is somewhere happiness, the good and merriment. To it terribly was wanted to test this feeling; to give people happiness - and it stole Santa Claus and occupied its place. Results were, true, the most lamentable, yes even gifts to its no one, putting it mildly, they were not pleased. But he understood everything and corrected its error.
The Faculty (1998) / Directed by Robert RODRIGUEZ
Film about the invasion of the reasonable parasites, that are taken root in the human body and that take humanity under the control. History is described in so convex, living, reliable and literary a context of contemporary American school, which to look film would be interestingly and it is simple about the child- senior pupils, without any fantasy and horrors. Characters are extracted as for grow prettier drama, and interrelation, problem, the natures of heroes are interesting by themselves.
The Fifth Element (1997) / Directed by Luc BESSON
Besson made a picture on the division between parody and comics, from the European after leaving only smile, hidden under the French whiskers. In the film it is considerable remiinstsentsiy, masked cult quotations, finest sparkling humor, covered by farcical numbers in the Hollywood style. In also the time it is nashpigovan by specials-effect, by dynamics, by shooting and by all fact that it converts tape into the super "shoot 'em up" movie.
The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc (1999) / Directed by Luc BESSON
These are the living, quivering, picturesque picture is turned against the background of historical events. It's tells about the fate of man, otvestvennosti before itself, by people and by God.
The Princess Bride (1987) / Directed by Rob REINER
The fairy tale film for the children and the adolescents, which the grand-dad reads his sick grandson. Handsome man-hero saves excellent princess from the wedding with the disgusting prince, whom it, naturally, does not love.
The Godfather (1972) / Directed by Francis Ford COPPOLA
This film has already long ago become classics, to describe it does not have a sense;)
The Doors (1991) / Directed by Oliver STONE
The powerful film of Oliver Stone tells about the time of formation and decay of the enamenitoy rock-group.
The Fisher King (1991) / Directed by Terry GILLIAM
From the time of "Midnight Cowboy" we did not see so touching and laughable, merry and sentimental a history of the male friendship of two outsiders.
Twelve Monkeys (1995) / Directed by Terry GILLIAM
One of the best fantastic pictures about the games of consciousness and the temporary paradox
The Big Lebowski (1998) / Directed by Joel COEN
Brothers Coens built scenario on the detective basis, but charm of this unique film in the outline of characters, since the precisely personal special features of the dear heroes-boobys predetermined the authenticity of improbable and comical wrangles and adventures, with them which occurred.
Taboo (Gohatto) (1999) / Directed by Nagisa OSHIMA
The action of this thin and gripping psychological drama occurs in Japan in 1865. the 18- summer youth Sozaburo, beautiful, elegant and ordered as girl, it enters the force of Samurai in order "to have the right to kill". He does not know female love. Its beauty strikes the young recruit Tashiro, who entered into the force together with it...
The story is conducted from person captain Toshizo Hijikata (Takeshi Kitano), to which the head of force charges to be dismantled at the intricate matter. Subject is developed according to the laws of psychological thriller, single-valued answer about the background of events spectator so he does not obtain.
Hijikata decides for itself, that Sozaburo is too beautiful, what it - demon. Film - present masterpiece
The Legend of Evil Lake (Cheonnyeon ho) (2003) / Directed by Kwang-hoon LEE
End of 14 centuries. The irreconcilable fight of two dynasties, which dream to take throne, they flood Chinese empire by the rivers of the blood, tear up by killing intrigues. Century when each man was soldier, and soldiers disputed in each other supremacy. Times of excellent princesses. Times of severe battles for the authority. The sorcerer of cursed lake promised to return authority in the empire to cruel tyrant, for the right of life. He promised his support in the achievement of foreign territories and tyrant became invincible. And there is only one real soldier, capable of conquering black legion. And its time came...
The Warriors (Musa) (2001) / Directed by Sung-su KIM
This is very picturesque cinema against the background of historical realias of Ancient China and Korea. Beautiful battles, beautiful heroes, beautiful feelings.
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