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Nikita (1990) / Directed by Luc BESSON
Nikita was sentenced to the life imprisonment for the murder of policeman and died in the prison hospital of the overdose of soporific. After death, arranged by special services, it passes preparation and becomes professional killer - another selection she simply not had. It lives usual life, that loved even appears in it, but into any minute it can sound telephone call and in the tube it will hear its professional name. It is more not druggie, it became normal person and woman, who wants love and rest, but task, one is more terrible and it is bloodier than another, they are dug in into its life by the inevitable nightmare.
Natural Born Killers (1994) / Directed by Oliver STONE
Quentin TARANTINO Wrote for Oliver Stone bloodiest its subject. The hysterical, reckless, plague spectacle, taken as if in the narcotic breaking, which is desirable to forget as nightmarish sleep.
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