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Living in Oblivion (1995) / Directed by Tom DiCillo
This film tells about those, who remove cinema. Very amusing comedy for any, who is familiar with by creative the behind the scene process. Steve Buscemi In the role of the director of that removing psychological, the little budgetary drama. Double after the double someone spoils survey - either sound engineer or operator, or... In the film the alternation of black and white and colored scenes is interestingly solved.
Life Is a Miracle (Zivot je cudo) (2004) / Directed by Emir KUSTURICA
Dream of a Serbian of Luka - to build railroad. For this it leaves with the wife and the 18- summer son By milosom into the distant village, forgotten in Bosnia mountains. Absorbed by its passion, it notes neither dissatisfaction with life in the local wilderness of its close nor being approached military actions. Its wife leaves its, and son, called into the army, is taken prisoner. The local police proposes to pommel to exchange son for the Moslem girl rescued by him from the local opressors Sabaha. But Luka and Sabaha fell in love with each other...
Labyrinth (1986) / Directed by Jim Henson
It's the fantasy film of the doll's magician Jim Henson with participation David Bowie.
Leon (1994) / Directed by Luc Besson
The daddy of one not most satisfactory family decides to profiteer for unrighteous way, after stopping up the great boss has the part of the party of white potion. But not all so simply is done in this peace: money not taken from anywhere, and they do not disappear in anywhere. Big Boss - the corrupted policeman comes after his goods and he cooly destroys entire family. Only 12 summer girl Matilda miraculously succeeds herself in avoiding the lot of her sister and small brother. Neighbor on the floor - the taciturn and locked person on name Leon for himself unexpectedly helps small girl to be covered from the killers. Is it why unexpectedly? Because Leon itself on the life is hired killer. Professional of its matter, who works only singly and no one releasing into its life. But now in it appears this zhazhdushchiy of vengeance the adolescent, to get rid of whom in a tested manner in it simply does not be sufficient spirit, and furthermore, it occurs, it also on the ears with it fell in love itself...
Little Buddha (1993) / Directed by Bernardo Bertolucci
The majestic fresco of Italian director gives to you rare chance to complete exotic journey into the secrets of eastern philosophy and religion. Operator work and music are splendid.
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