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Fight Club (1999) / Directed by David Fincher
Rather gloomy allegory. It looks with the uninterrupted interest, although those, who expected simple entertainment, can be complained, that them they too "loaded".
From Dusk Till Dawn (1996) / Directed by Robert RODRIGUEZ
In this film the thin line, drawn on the minefield of fear, comicalities, violence, cruelties, black humor and dramatic nature, lead spectator to the end, and it is not undermined on the disappointment.
Frida (2002) / Directed by Julie TAYMOR
Luxurious version of life and love of the famous Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. Sensual beauty, hundreds of worshippers, scandalous behavior made its quite epatazhnoy woman OF THE XX century...
In the role of artist luxurious woman of our time - Salma Hayek
Fandango (1985) / Directed by Kevin Reynolds
1978. Five friends on the college decided the last time to take a walk from the soul before to go into the army, which automatically indicated to encounter with the terrible realities of present large peace. The pleasant and fresh film.
All actors wonderfully played their roles, but prevails Kevin Costner.
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998) / Directed by Terry GILLIAM
On the similar novel of Hunter OF S Thompson.
Entire film - this is the continuous magical, sparkling waterfall, which consists of millions of drops, each of which should be examined separately. For example, then, in that two friends they converted luxurious hotel number for several days of narcotic party, it is possible to examine, after stopping film, attempting to reproduce the course of events, which led to the pogrom. Action occurs in the beginning of the 70th it is annual.
Four Rooms (1995) / Directed by Robert RODRIGUEZ, Allison Anders, Alexandre Rockwell, Quentin TARANTINO
After leaving to the work under new yr, hall porter does not expect that his change will prove to be this uncommon and for it it is necessary to carry out such commissions of lodgers! Converted the night duty of Ted into the kaleidoscope of scandalous and most improbable events!
In the role of hall porter Tim Roth. Its hero Ted organically connects four short stories taken by different directors, converting film into the sparkling comic cocktail.
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