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Down by Law (1986) / Directed by Jim Jarmusch
Action occurs in new Orleans. Disk-jockey Zack (Tom Waits) agrees to outdistance the vorovannyy automobile in order to earn a little money. However, instead of the rapid earnings Zack not less rapidly occurs in the prison. Analogous trouble occurs also with the souteneur (John Lurie) by the jack, which falls into one camera with the Zack. To them they soon help mount strange Italian (Roberto Benigni), knowing in English a total of several phrases and adoring American films. Finally, the trinity of unlucky wretches is solved to the flight...
Subject of this remarkable parable - ideal illustration of almost all pictures of Jarmusch. They were encountered, they had a talk and were radiated - in order more never not to be seen.
Dracula (1992) / Francis Ford Coppola
I consider that this is the best film on this theme. Splendid actors (Gary Oldman, Winona Ryder, Anthony Hopkins, Keanu Reeves...), the staggering beauty of survey and decoration. Director created from the worn out subject present masterpiece.
Dead Man (1995) / Directed by Jim Jarmusch
The casting a spell, mystical ballad- parable, is characterized by the perfect accordion of subject, image, music and selection of actors (Johnny Depp, Gary Farmer, Michael Wincott, Lance Henriksen, Mili Avital, Iggy Pop, Billy Bob Thornton, Jared Harris, Crispin Glover, Eugene Byrd, Gabriel Byrne, John Hurt, Alfred Molina, Robert Mitchum).
In the canvas of narration intertwine organically the verses of angliiyskogo poet and artist of 19 centuries William Blake.
Desperado (1995) / Robert Rodriguez
Subject is more than it is simple: in the small Mexican town the guitarist mstit to the local king of the drug mafia for the murder of the dear girl and the shot through left hand. But is made film with this jewel-like precision, that wild pleasure you obtain and as from the fighter, and as from the comedy. Desperate film, brilliant film. Music of ensemble Los Lobos.
Dogma (1999) / Kevin Smith
For director it was possible to squeeze much into the simplest, even standard subject about the customary rescuing of humanity from the loss.
Film is made at the joint of such genres as fentezi, mysticism, comedy and fighter. It looks on one respiration.
Dancer in the Dark (2000) / Directed by Lars von Trier
The genius of director Lars von Trier created the unique work of the skill of cinema - subject was cloud into the musical. The role of girl Selma played singer Bjork, who wrote to the film music and songs together with Lars von Trier. Nothing similar in the cinema earlier they created. Present tragedy, the heart-rending picture about the endlessness and the desperation, the spirit of sacrifice and the humaneness, the immeasurable depth of human grief and the undying hope.
Dolls (2002) / Takeshi Kitano
This is the tenth volume of the compositions of the outstanding director. Today this the most possible perfect creation of Takeshi Kitano, is not more similar not to one of its previous films, but in this case demonstrating the unique author's style brought to the perfection. Three tragic histories against the impossibilities of love, taken in the aesthetics of the traditional Japanese theater of the dolls
Dogville (2003) / Directed by Lars von Trier
This is the brilliant parable of genius director. This parable about the good and the evil, about the gift and the retribution, about the heart and the heartlessness. Original solution of decorations, irreproachable actor's composition.
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