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Chocolat (2000) / Directed by Lasse Hallstrom
Very beautiful, family and good film is taken on the literary basis. This is story about the wind of wanderings, the conservatism of small it is municipal about... and about the magic of chocolate;).
Coffee and Cigarettes (2003) / Directed by Jim JARMUSCH
11 exquisite comic short stories with the participation of brilliant actors, shoumenov and musicians, taken in 18 years creations by inimitable American director, by the leader of American author's cinema, became diamonds in his elegant cinematographic masterpiece. Popivaya of coffee and smoking cigarettes, the heroes of its matchless histories speak about everything and not about which, they argue to folly, they banter above each other, are drawn profound conclusions and they hunt the nelepeyshiye flannelettes, emphasizing the unique ability of director - to look at the ordinary peace from an uncommon point of view.
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005) / Directed by Tim Burton
Film is taken according to the children's book, but... Removed that its adored by me Tim Burton, one of the neobychneyshikh directors of our time. Its handwriting cannot be entangled with whose other. Typical for Burton aesthetics, that staggers, as always, Johnny Depp - you will not be able to be detached away from the screen.
Curdled (1996) / Directed by Reb Braddock
The blood appearing on the white tablecloth was the brightest children's impression of heroine (Angela Jones) - from the window they rejected man, and mother ran out to the street and was covered corpse. Still it loved terrible fairy tales and films of horrors, but most of all interested it, the chopped off head can say anything. It grew, it emigrated from Columbia to America and were arranged to work in the firm, which carries out the harvesting of apartments after bloody murders...
By executive producer appeared known Quentin Tarantino, that is appeared in the sequence in the form of the photograph of manaical killer from the police archive. This put its imprint on the brilliant stylistics of picture.
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