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Arizona Dream (1993) / Directed by Emir KUSTURICA
Uncommon film, actually the more resembling sleep, than real narration. Some episodes are close in the form to the video clips. The hero of this film - Axel Blackmar (Johnny Depp) - falls into the strange family, which consists of the mother (Faye Dunaway) and the daughter (Lili Taylor); he becomes the lover of mother, who dreams about flying, and flight vehicle is constructed. Daughter loves Axel and ends at the end of the film with suicide. In action of picture by times participates the brother of main hero, who is going to become actor. Practically, subject, as such is absent, exists very many conditionalities and most important is spoken associatively, by music and means.
Analyze This (1999) / Directed by Harold Ramis
The ridiculous and captivating comedy, in which to the doctor-psychiatrist (Billy Crystal) completely unexpectedly for it is turned for help influential of mafiozi (Robert De Niro), which suffers the strongest assaults of depression, which pass into panic and fear. Doctor counts this caused by deep subconsious feeling of guilt before the father, whom the gangsters shot down, when businessman was another boy. The treatment of this patient created the mass of problems in the personal life of psychiatrist, who is gathered it is married second time...
Amelie from Montmartre (Fabuleux destin d'Amelie Poulain, Le) (2001) / Directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet
Very wise and good film-fairytale-parable. All heroes are very vividly played. Original, very French direction. To describe this film does not have a sense, it must be looked.

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